2 Weeks Out

Update on reverse dieting: week 2 

My calories are up and I’m coping!

For the past week I have been eating 100g of protein, 100g of carbohydrates and 25g of fat.

I thought I would share of my favourite meals!

Pizza for breakfast!

This is a sweet potato wrap tuna and prawns! Add a bit of passata, garlic, yellow peppers, greek yoghurt and some rocket and spinach on the side. The macros on this bad boy are: 24C, 1F, 35P making 249 calories!

Pad thai!

This recipe comes from the macro experiment. I prefer using a mix of chicken breast and prawns. Macros on this are 6C, 5F, 34P equalling 218 calories.

Post workout high!
A tad bloated!










For a ‘physique update’, I am definitely more bloated but I have been extremely stressed and sleep deprived because of work.

In terms of my fitness routine, I have cut out cardio! My new PT explained that by eating so little causing my metabolism to be slow, cardio does not burn any calories and will be eating into those gains. I am now doing 4 days of full body weightlifting and am progressing those lifts!

Gie It Laldy!



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